BAFT Chartered Accountants provides two types of services as an Independent Auditor:

Financial Audit

The financial audit  covers: 

  •  Examining a company's financial statements and records to provide a certification of their current financial position
  •  Make recommendations to strengthen the internal controls of the businesses
  •  As part of its responsibilities,  the firm assesses the risks management controls and offer solutions to strengthen the business operations of its clients.

Assurance Services

By performing assurance services, the firm  examines non-financial information to provide assurance in other areas or help an organization to address specific problems. The scope of this work is broad and will depend on the needs of  clients and the assurance services they require from the firm.

Assurance can include:

  •  Assurance on compliance with regulations, 
  • Audit of operational procedures or systems, 
  • Assessing value for money or risk of fraud, 
  • Performance against sustainability or equality and diversity objectives. 
  • Forensic Audit